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Our Perseverance & Reputation

30 years of Dedication and Tenacity
Researched & Developed in Taiwan
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High-Quality Brand in Taiwan
OEM Company for Internationally well-known brands
Team Uniforms for Public & Private Organizations across all Counties in Taiwan



      Our story begins in 1986 with the establishment of our company. We have since committed to pay our utmost attentions to the quality of our products and to provide our customers with superior service. With our dedication in striving for greater and better products constantly, we were the OEM company for multiple internationally famous brands for over a decade before our “Clown Fish” became official.


1999 “Clown Fish” was registered as our trademark, creating our very own MIT brand for High-Quality Sporty Casual wear.


2002 Our signature functional fabric featuring excellent moisture transfer from our skin, was created. This innovation pushes us one step closer to the international market.


2006 We developed our very own piece of moisture transferring garment with everlasting UV protection—“Wick-Away”.  Our Wick-Away is composed of two layers of textile, cotton and polyester. The combination enables Wick-Away to dry faster, taking only a quarter of the time it takes to dry a garment with 100% cotton. The feature of Quick-drying ameliorates the discomfort of stickiness on the skin from humidity. Consumers could feel the difference immediately once they wear our Wick-Away. This functionality of Wick-Away was tested and rated by the Australian government as a Grade A product!


From product design, pattern making, tailoring, sewing, quality control, to packaging; all production processes are completed in our own factory. By implementing all processes in-house, we are able to achieved thorough quality control and quick response on all customers’ orders and deliver speedy custom-made services.


We—Chia Yu Dressing Cooperation—have one and only fundamental goal: to STRIVE FOR PERFECTION. With that in mind, we will continue to provide you our best service and prove to the world that Taiwan is indeed the Kingdom of Textiles.